Friday, July 28, 2017

Even The Skinniest Of "Skinny" Republican Obamacare "Repeals" Crashes And Burns

"You're Going To Have Such Great Healthcare At A Tiny Fraction Of The Cost And It Is Going To Be So Easy!" Donald Trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Alan: The Republican failure to get ANYTHING done by way of repealing, replacing or repairing Obamacare -- despite controling EVERY branch of the federal government and 32 state houses reveals the inability of "pure principles" to embody any actual good without compromise.

In the name of Purity they soil everything.

Republicans are so "far gone" that their fractiousness disables them from workable compromise even within their own ranks. 


John McCain's 'No' Vote Sinks Republicans' 'Skinny Repeal' Plan

The Arizona veteran cast an unexpected vote against Mitch McConnell’s last-ditch proposal to partially repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving the GOP once again without a way forward.

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