Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Trump And The World's Strongmen," A Superb Installment Of Joshua Johnson's "1A"

Trump And The World's Strongmen

Donald Trump Has A Favorite New Dictator, Philippine Slime Pig Rodrigo Duterte

Trump's Praise For Murderous Thug Dictators

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Not a single democratic leader expressed enthusiasm.

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Alan: Seduced by the toys made possible by capitalist consumerism, Americans (probably since Reagan; certainly since The Great Recession) have become disillusioned with Democracy. 

"Americans are fucked. They've been bought off. And they come real cheap: a few million dirt bikes, camcorders, microwaves, cordless phones, digital watches, answering machines, jet skis and sneakers with lights in 'em. You say you want a few items back from the Bill of Rights? Just promise the doofuses new gizmos."  
George Carlin

Favorite George Carlin Shticks

In their comfortable indolence, s-Trump-ets shun the learning and effort necessary to keep Democracy alive. 

Confident that Democracy is inimical to widespread prosperity, these deplorable people have embraced authoritarianism, "betting the farm" that a capitalist autocrat will generate such wealth that it will magically trickle down making them rich.

Their supposed patriotism is so ignorant of "the facts" that they blithely ignore the linchpin role they play in trashing 2 centuries of Democratic governance.

“As long as problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting absolute autonomy of markets & financial speculation & by attacking structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world’s problems.,” Pope  Francis said in 224-page document that essentially serves as his official platform.

"Pope Francis Links"

Pope Francis: Quotations On Finance, Economics, Capitalism And Inequality

Pope Francis: One Of The Most Powerful Critiques Of Capitalism You Will Ever Read

Pope Francis: "This Economy Kills"

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"The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich"
Hitler And Goebbels' Replacement Of Truth With Falsehood

Compilation Of Pax Posts On Similarities Between Hitler And Trump

A Shared Passion For Whiteness, Cleanliness And The Hobnailed Boot

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