Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Might The EU's Recognition That Trump Is A False Friend Lead To Global Power Realignment

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Dear F,

I think the European Union is sufficiently moral (unlike the monstrously immoral "Christian" diabolists who comprise Trump's "Base") that the EU will first threaten the United States with a stiff "carbon-tax-tariff," and then, if idiocrat Trump doubles down on planetary self-destructiveness, there is a very good chance the EU would, in fact, punish SOBMF by invoking said tariff.

How The European Union Can Punish The United States For Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal

Trump Expected To Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement

It is not inconceivable that the European Union would decide to capitalize on the cultural and political collapse occasioned by The Deplorable One to establish the EU as an alternative locus of power in global politics.

Lest we forget, Russia -- which seems to loom large on the world stage -- is, at bottom, a relatively impoverished kleptocracy whose Gross Domestic Product trails Brazil, South Korea, Italy and Canada - not to mention Japan's 4 times larger economy and Germany's 3 times larger economy. 

Even Spain and Australia are on GDP par with Putin's lacklustre fiefdom.

List Of Countries By GDP



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