Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Borowitz Report: "Trump Says He Does Not Know Jared Kushner Very Well"

Jared Kushner Thinks He's Above The Law | Above The Law If You Or I Made Secret Plans With The Russian Ambassador, We Would NEVER Get Security Clearance. Why Does Kushner Keep His? | image tagged in take away his security clearance,you and i would never get away with it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Alan: Trump is so dependent on Kushner that, without him, he would "come undone."

Dependency on a person who is treacherous (if not traitorous) is all the more reason to strip Kushner of security clearance so he can no longer participate in high-level White House discussions.

I do not know if Kushner's deceitful decision to conceal Russian contacts when filling out his White House "security clearance application" was criminal, but it is dangerously deceptive in a way that begs his dismissal and would result in the dismissal of anyone else.

Kushner Left Russian Meetings Off Security Clearance Forms

(Alan: If Kushner is prepared to deceive the American government - and the American people - in this fundamental way, what deception is he not capable of?)

It is critically important that any discussion of Kushner's "shadow state" deviousness not become focused on whether it was a "good thing" for him to "maximize communication" with "the Russians" - as "conservative" pundits are now spinning the monstrosity. (Remind me what it is they're conserving.)

Rather, the central issue is Kushner's failure to communicate his secretive involvement with high-ranking Russians, a mortal insult to America's open society and a suckhole initiative that illustrates Kushner's "heartstring preference" for a hostile state headed by a murderous kleptocrat who would like nothing more than to have American governance morph into his own nefarious image.

However sliced, Kushner's concealment of essential, pertinent information -- in order to get high-level security clearance through falsehood -- is thoroughly despicable.


Remember when partisan supporters of this miscreant spent years pissing and moaning about private servers - shouting "lock her up!" as their 24/7 passion?


Trump Says He Does Not Know Jared Kushner Very Wellmos

TAORMINA, Italy (The Borowitz Report)—Donald Trump on Saturday accused the media of exaggerating his relationship with Jared Kushner, asserting that “I don’t know him very well.”

“He’s someone I would see around the office and who, I guess, was working for me,” Trump told reporters on the last leg of his foreign trip. “Beyond that, I couldn’t tell you much about him.”

Trump acknowledged that he had spoken to Kushner at times during the 2016 campaign. “I’d pass him in the hall and say hello,” he said. “He seemed like an O.K. person. I never got much of a sense of the guy.”

When asked whether Kushner might have had improper contact with Russian spies during the transition, Trump said, “I couldn’t tell you if that’s the kind of thing he’d do. You really should ask someone who knows him.”

Trump refused to answer further questions about Kushner’s possible legal difficulties, saying only, “I wish Garrett well.”

Like Father Like Son: Charles Kushner served two years in prison for making illegal campaign contributions and hiring a prostitute to entrap | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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