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Nixon's Guaranteed Basic Income Bill Passed The House But Fell One Vote Short In The Senate

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Decades ago, on a trans-con flight, I sat next to a talkative intellectual employed by Nixon to develop Tricky Dick's "guaranteed minimum income" legislation, a bill that passed the House --- 243 pro, 155 con --- then lost the Senate by a single vote.

The Conservative Case For A Guaranteed Basic Income

Nixon believed (and was encouraged to believe by conservative economist Milton Friedman who also supported guaranteed minimum income) that the welfare system did not help people exit poverty but only served to provide "good middle class jobs" to college-educated functionaries who administered the welfare system.

It is a strong argument - with a sound conclusion.

A Guaranteed Minimum Income Was Pushed By Nixon & Conservative Nobel Laureate Friedman



PS If you want to "get into the weeds," Rutger Bregman provides remarkable analysis in "Nixon's Basic Income Plan":
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Yet I hear he proposed universal healthcare and/or
a minimum income?

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Concerning AG Sessions' hobnailed boot...

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Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman Admits That Massive Numbers Of Blacks And Hippies Were Convicted for Trivial Drug Infractions For Republican Political Advantage

The cornerstone of any discussion about "crime crackdown" is Erhlichman's criminal confession.


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