Friday, May 26, 2017

Best Recent Pax Posts, Updated May 25, 2017

Abraham Lincoln Couldn't Tell A Lie. Richard Nixon Couldn't Tell The Truth. Devious Donald Can't Tell The Difference | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Shields And Brooks: With Barrage Of Revelations, White House Staff Now Turning On Trump

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The Simpsons Commemorates Trump's First 100 Days With Scathing Animation

Seth Meyers' "Closer Look" At Trump's Cruel Budget With Laugh-Out-Loud Footage Of Trump Lying

The Cruel Old Party: The GOP's Passage Of Trumpcare Is Unprecedentedly Callous
(Increasingly, when I think of the Trump adminstration, the word "evil" comes to mind.)

The Borowitz Report: "Trump Supporters Celebrate Imminent Loss Of Their Health Insurance"

Before And After Photos Of The House Republicans Who Passed Abomicare

"Nobody Dies Because They Don't Have Access To Healthcare," GOP Rep. Paul Labrador, Idaho

Before And After Photos Of The House Republicans Who Passed Abomicare

Judge Who Berated & Jailed A Domestic Violence Victim Is Sanctioned On Florida Television

VIDEO: What Happens When Muslim Meets Deplorable In Trader Joe's Check-Out Line

"Trump And The World's Strongmen," A Superb Installment Of Joshua Johnson's "1A"

"The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich": 
Hitler And Goebbels Replacement Of Truth With Falsehood

Yale History Professor, Timothy Snyder, Reviews The 20th Century To Illustrate How Quickly Democracies Collapse

The Civil War: White Christians Slaughtering One Another On A Scale ISIS Can Only Dream Of

A Startling Fact About Trump's Cabinet: Cumulatively They Have More Wealth Than One-Third Of Americans

Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" Monologue Sparks #FireColbert Backlash

Muslim Hasan Minhaj's Roast At The 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner

"4th Grade Class Touring White House Answers Trump's Questions About Civil War" The Borowitz Report

"Inside The Trump Marriage: Melania's Burden," Vanity Fair

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Tells "Christian" Trump-Care Supporters: Your So-Called "Mercy" Is "Malice"

Trump Restates Admiration For Single Payer, Saying Australia "Has Better Healthcare Than U.S."

If I Lie, May All My Ancestors Rot In Hell: This Time The "Death Panels" Are Real

Joshua Johnson's 1A: "The Great Undown With Oxford Physicist Marcus Du Sautoy"

Republican Sen. Sasse's Spooky Scenario For Russian Meddling In 2018, 2020 And Beyond

District Attorney To Declare Texas Mother Of 5 Innocent In 2007 "Murder" Of Foster Child

"13th," A Made-For-Netflix Documentary About The 13th Amendment And Slavery's Prolongation

The Future Of Race In America: TED Talk By Michelle Alexander, Author Of "The New Jim Crow"

Winona Duke Wants An Explanation For Systematic Corporate Terrorism

The GOP: Seat Belts Kill People. Cigaretts Do Not Cause Cancer. Global Warming Is A Hoax. Evolution Is Bogus.

Trump Officials On Comey Memo: "Don't See How Trump Is Completely F*ucked"

Donald Trump, Felon: Re-Visiting Trump University

"When the World Is Led by a Child," David Brooks

"Loose Lips Sink Ships": Is Trump Treacherous Or Traitorous?

Bill Maher: Trump Fires Comey. Had Hillary Done This, GOP Would Demand Her Public Disembowelment

Mohamed Bzeek And "The Boy With Long Lashes" From WBUR's "Kind World"

Snopes: Was The Manchester Terror Attack A "False Flag?"

Discussion With 9/11 Truther Friend About Epistemology, Belief, Conviction And Purpose

When Flabbergasted By Trump's Next F___Up, Use This All-Purpose Meme For Perspective

Beyond Bizarre: Trump Team Stands By $2 Trillion Dollar Budget Error

The Trump Budget: Cooking The Books For The Impossible End Of Tax Cuts & Balanced Budget

By Next Year, 16 Million Americans To Lose Health Insurance: Trump Tweets His Base

The Expansion Of Presidential Power: Can Trump Pardon Himself?

Normalized Terrorism: "More Than Half Of Americans Are Afraid To Take Their Paid Vacations"

Pope Francis: "Make Building Bridges Great Again"

PBS Frontline Examines The Monster Who Pretends To Be A Human Named Steve Bannon

"If You're Innocent, Why Are You Taking The Fifth?" Trump Asked, Years After Invoking It Himself

Trump's Saying "Believe Me" Is As Credible As Mother Theresa Asking If You "Wanna Get Laid?"

Fake News Agency --- "Infowars" --- Gets White House Briefing Room Press Credential

The "Deal" Trump Claimed Would Save American Jobs Will Actually Send Hundreds To Mexico

The Conservative Supreme Court Rules Against GOP's Race-Based Gerrymandering - Yet Again

"The true test of a civilization is not the census, nor the size of the cities, nor the crops -- no, but the kind of man the country turns o | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Snopes Probes "Clinton Body Bags"

Within Hours Of Record-Breaking Arms Deal, Saudis Announced $100 Million Donation To Ivanka

(with priceless Trump tweet)

The Ignored, Not-So-Shadow-Side Of Trump's Constituency

1A: If You Don't Understand Why Trump Won, This Book, "White Working Class" Is For You

Devious Donald, Saudi Suck-Up. According To Trump's Own Assessment, He Should Resign

Financial Regulation: Rein In The Banks, Or Let The Market Work. (How "The Scam" Works)

Christian Fundamentalism On The Right; The Supreme Court On The Left

Snopes Debunks Trump's Beyond-Bizarre View Of The Body As A Non-Rechargeable Battery

The Story Behind The Only Bank Prosecuted After The 2008 Financial Crisis

The Trumps: Not Just Despicable For Accepting Emoluments, Now They Offer Them Too!

How Did Hillary Warn Us About Trump's Menace? Let Me Count The Ways.

"This Time The Death Panels Are Real" | Meet The Death Panel (This Time It's Real) After Revising The GOP Healthcare Bill, Republicans Applaud 23 Million Americans Now In Danger Of | image tagged in trump budget,death panel,gop applauds 23 million americans in danger of dying | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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