Saturday, May 13, 2017

"13th," A Made-For-Netflix Documentary About The 13th Amendment And Slavery's Prolongation

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(always streamable on Netflix)

"13th" is a made-for-Netflix documentary about The 13th Amendment and how its autorization-of-enslavement-for-convicted-criminals led -- voilĂ ! -- to the criminalization of black people; their substantive re-enslavement; and their electoral disenfranchisement. 

The bone-chilling sequence in which Trump exhorts his followers to violence -- interspersed with video clips of whites pummeling Martin Luther King supporters -- is not to be missed. (This two-minute sequence starts around the 1 hour 20 minute mark.)

There is not a single Trump supporter -- Not One - who will post the Trump-King clip on his (or her) Facebook page because it reveals that Trump supporters are not only shameful but grotesquely shameful in their die-hard determination to promote "make believe" morality as camouflage for the innate violence of their bedrock fascism, a fascism so deeply engrained (and diligently denied) that much more often than not they succeed in hiding it from themselves.

This movie should be part of every high school American History curriculum.

But do not hold your breath.

Whatever reasons are argued in oppostion, the hidden linchpin is this.

Everyone opposed to curricular inclusion of "13th" will stick to their guns (literally and figuratively) even if given opportunity to include ANY other film presenting whatever "alternative history" they prefer.

They know they are wrong. They know their wrongness is indefensible. And they know "The truth will out."

Yet they cling to their lies as if their lives depend on it.

And insofar as their lives depend on the survival/restoration of white privilege, white cruelty and the dissemination of white supremacist lies, they are right.

Their lives - shriveled as they are - depend on lies. 

"The Truth Infuriates People Whose Lives Are Lies"

Read the following post and you will never again look at "The American Way" without remembering Uncle Sam's diehard determination to rape, sodomize and generally fuck over dard-skinned citizens for white political advantage.

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Image result for ramsey clark greatest crime, pax on both houses

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