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Snopes: Was The Manchester Terror Attack A "False Flag"?

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Alan: In the late 1980s my car was stolen from a street in Oakland, California. 

I was surprised when the police told me that 95% of stolen cars are recovered because "a car is just too much physical evidence to hide."

Sure enough, police located my car 4 days later. (The only other person I know whose car was stolen also "got it back.")

It is even harder to hide the bodies of 22 concert-goers killed in Manchester, England, although conspiracists would have us believe those bodies do not exist because no one was killed.

At the moment, I will not concern myself with the disposal of bodies which could, of course, be cremated.

Rather, I will focus on the much larger issue of the "social residue" of those "bodies."

In the next few days, the names of everyone killed in Manchester will be revealed, and anyone wishing to visit the neighborhoods where these people used to live can determine that the deceased are no longer there.

"The dead" (or, as conspiracists would have us believe, "those pretending to be dead") have -- for all practical purposes -- disappeared from the face of the earth.

Conspiracists will argue that "the living dead" have been endowed with the equivalent of "witness protection identities" and were quickly spirited away to resettle in remote communities.

Notably, families of the deceased continue to live in their original homes.

Here's "the rub."

I am a parent. 

I have a 23 year old daughter and a 19 year-old son.

Like all parents it is as clear as distilled water that none of us -- NOT ONE OF US -- would willingly live without our children, especially for some ideologically-driven abstraction relating to "global terror" or "gun control."

Even if we posit "visitation rights" so that parents might spend an occasional day with their kids, anyone who has children is reflexively aware that intermittent visitation is no more acceptable than having a family member living in a distant prison.

No parent would willingly accept this kind of deprivation - this radical rupture of family life. 

It is unthinkable. Preposterous.

Yet conspiracists argue that the Manchester slaughter -- and the carnage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut -- were non-lethal "staged events."  

According to conspiracists, the motive for the "purported massacre" at Sandy Hook (where 20 first graders and six adults were supposedly spirited away by Homeland Security actors) was to sour Americans on Second Amendment rights. 

It has been said that "three people can keep a secret... if two of them are dead." 

Entire communities -- or, in the case of Newton, an entire town (a Republican gun-toting town at that) -- can not keep a secret involving such huge numbers of people.

Rather, the ideation that these 26 people are living "in hiding" represents a psycho-social psychosis that recalls the ancient saying: "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."

Conspiracists are determined to delude themselves by ignoring The Forest Itself, focusing instead on "the trees of the forest" -- tiny details like Newtown parents "smiling" on camera or not crying when they "should." 

The bottom line?

The Forest is comprised of so many "talking" trees that hundreds -- if not thousands of people -- would have already "spilled the beans" and would be regularly featured guests on Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and the rest of the lunatic liars who undermine the very concept of Truth.

Was The Manchester Terror Attack A "False Flag"?

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Image result for sandy hook hoax

Image result for sandy hook hoax

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