Friday, April 7, 2017

My Contribution To A Thread On Friend Tarantino's Facebook Discussion Of "The Wall"


AT: if you dont this country go back to the shit hole you come from ---- why does everyone want to come the USA if there countries are so great
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John Tarantino I would go to Italy if Sugar would....use your spell checker

I want to thank Anthony for his eloquent summary of American politics and our current social order. 

I would add that during the 14 months I lived and traveled in Europe, I never heard anyone say they wanted to relocate to the United States. 

On the other hand, I often asked residents of the European Union if they would like to move to the United States and on multiple occasions their response was incredulous laughter. (Next time you're in Europe I encourage you to take this same "poll.")

I contemplate these "United" States and see a deluge of people who are not happy. 

In fact, these unhappy Americans - often Trump supporters - are angry, hostile and vengeful, harboring the simplistic belief that if "we" only "shook things up" and retreated to an imaginary "Golden Age," we would immediately re-appropriate our birthright as joyful, prosperous, exceptional people on whom God bestows his favor. 

Many Americans feel as if their "once idyllic" lives have been cursed, and that the origin of that curse distills to one thing: dark-skinned people... and that the "solution" is to get rid of them by "boxing them in" or "walling them off." 

Of course, it is difficult to say how the demograhics of American anger-and-hostility actually play out since, according to 2016's final election tally, Hillary received 4.56% more popular votes than Donald, who in 2012 had this to say about The Electoral College:

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