Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Americans' Reaction To Trump's Bombardment Of Syrian Air Base

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"Do War's Really Defend America's Freedom?"
(Homage To Marine Commandant, Major General Smedley Butler)
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I was happy to see the results of yesterday's poll concerning Americans' views of Trump's attack on Syria.

"A CBS News poll showed 57 percent of Americans approve of the strike, but only 18 percent of those polled want to see the strikes followed up with the deployment of American ground troops. The poll also said 70 percent of people want Trump to go to Congress for approval before taking further military action in Syria."

Given that "bombardment" is Uncle Sam's middle name, 57% is a remarkably slender majority - a majority that is, I believe, overwhelmingly likely to erode. (And given that a third of nearly any population is just plain nuts, the fact that only 18% of Americans want to see boots on the ground is stunning

"We Like War"

Favorite George Carlin Shticks

If "the goal" is to keep "hands off" Syria, I think popular sentiment (as manipulable as it is) will probably consider regime change a big mistake.

The question is whether they will see this in advance - or after the fact.

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It may also be that God is more "just" than "merciful" and so -- locked in our uncompromising "ideological silos" -- we are collectively propelling America's terminal decline.

"Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat."

"Whom God would destroy, he first makes mad."

Mad as we gringos have become, it is not surprising that we are essentially blind to our madness.

None of us wants to believe we're looking down the barrel of a gun, especially when we ourselves hold that gun --- locked and loaded, our own finger on the trigger. 

I cannot remember if I sent you the following link before. If not, it's a pretty good representation of my "take" on belligerence.
Why We Love Violence And Pump It Even Though It Rarely Works And Is Typically Counterproductive

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Pax tecum


On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 11:31 PM, RF wrote:

Here is what is so strange about the 59 cruise missiles fired on the Sharyat Airbase:
Only 23 hit anything. 
The administration claims they were firing at a munitions depot that housed those chemical weapons, “the ones used in the attack”.
This makes no sense. The last thing you’d want to do.
Nikki Haley is shouting about bombing the "dictator” Assad (who has won two elections in Syria overwhelmingly) and then go on to bomb Iran and then Russia, the great accomplice.
Do you know anything about this caricatured Carolinian?
Trump said just days prior to the bombing that Assad “could stay” (as if it was his choice) if he wins the next election.
Tillerson said the same thing.
Then he said the demon Assad must go.
Now he says he might stay. 
All within days.
Your pal Tulsi Gabbard is now being attacked relentlessly (a campaign) for raising doubts, asking for evidence (how can she?) and for visiting Syria and speaking with Assad. 
Most governments allow some difference of opinion. This campaign is revealing. Sorta like covering one’s tracks. They must eliminate any dissent even 1 to 5% 
because it can act like air-born spores, or weeds that are uncontrollable.
The parable of the mustard seed is about this, the kingdom of heaven is uncontrollable, like weeds. 
It seems bizarre on first glance, but it makes sense when you know it is a big conspiratorial lie.
You are not far off in suspecting Netanyahu and the Mossad. The neocons, their agents.
Here is another Jewish master of manipulation:

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