Thursday, February 2, 2017

Will Mullahs Get Trump's Goat? Iran Dismisses "Useless Threats" From "Inexperienced" Person

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What happens when Iran "gets the goat" of the world's most thin-skinned person whose first (and last) instinct when "offended" is to lash out?

If we're lucky, The Mad Man will only authorize Israel to conduct aerial bombardment.

If we're unlucky... well... we are... as they say ... "shit outta luck."

Of course "it's an evil wind that blows no one good" and, even if most of us are shit out of luck, "Christian" "conservatives" will "break out the poms poms" because -- finally! -- Armageddon has been unleashed and Jesus is coming back to lead them into paradise! 

And Bob's your uncle!

 Iran Dismisses "Useless Threats" From "Inexperienced" Person

Iran Dismisses
Ranting" Trum And Vows More Missile Tests

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