Saturday, February 4, 2017

Turns Out Trump Was At The Sermon On The Mount

Republican's social class essentialism - on one hand they claim to follow Jesus, while on the other hand they fight against and look down on any 'social class' they determine is lower than them, which happens to be the majority of the population - in their warped materialistic view. Republicans believe the poor get what they deserve, which is nothing. Republican's 1% status and earthly elitism takes priority over Jesus. ~Sunshine:

Evangelicals LOVE Donald Trump: 
We Are Known By The Company We Keep
"The Poor Are More Than Twice As Charitable As The Rich"

"Most Of The Rich Think The Poor Have It Easy," Washington Post

Are Highly Religious People Less Compassionate?

Often, Stinginess And Cruelty Are Christianity's Paradoxical Effects

"Being Poor Changes The Way You Think About Everything"

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