Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump's Overarching Chaos

Alan: Here is my reply to a comment on friend Fred Owen's Facebook page:

Chaos is the key word.

During the campaign Jeb Bush "nailed it" when he called Trump "the chaos candidate."

As a campaign strategy, chaos successfully pumped the visceral reactivity of die-hard Trump supporters.

However, chaos is no way to manage The White House.

In just three weeks:

1.) Trump's National Security Council has made the nation more insecure.

2.) Trump's contempt for the First Amendment calls into question his commitment to The Constitution.

3.) Trump has begun backpeddling on the repeal of Obamacare, a political initiative his party has already forsaken.

4.) Even Trump supporters are wondering if the intrinsically ineffective Wall (which can be "blasted through," "tunneled under," or "laddered over") should be built at 2-3 times the cost predicted during Trump's campaign. That's $156 dollars for every American taxpayer --- before inevitable cost over-runs. $500.00 for married couples? (Ironically, "getting Mexico to pay for the wall" is the only adequate metaphor for the overall laughability of The Con Man's slipshod administration.)

And all these individual train wrecks are already in full view before we set eyes on "The Elephant In The Room" --- Trump's inexplicable fondness for thug-kleptocrat-enemy-of-the-United-States-KGB-torturer-murderer Vladimir Putin

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