Thursday, February 9, 2017

"The Deplorables" Will Never Turn On Trump

Alan: Only when deplorables see their reflection in a putatively "successful" man (every bit as reprehensible as they are) does their "borrowed" sense of "normalcy" over-ride their tormented sense of fatuity and (pharisaic) vility. 

We are not punished for our sins.

We are punished by our sins.

And it is the sinfulness of deplorables -- their arrogant, even hubristic, belief that they are exceptional when they are not --that makes them ever eager to wage war, applaud capital punishment and approve extra-judicial execution by police, always hoping that the target of their insatiable violence is a dark-skinned person who cannot, in any way, be confused with their Aryan hero.

Just as sin is its own punishment, so is virtue its own reward.

Lacking compassion, mercy, forgiveness, generosity, and large-heartedness, there is no place in deplorable lives that has not been preempted by perpetual wrath and a grinding sense of failure-emptiness that regularly explodes in the punishing hellfire of their military, police and penitentiary operatives.

"There Are Two Ways Of Lying..." Denis De Rougemont And Donald Trump

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The Hard, Central Truth Of Contemporary Conservatism

The hard, central "fact" of contemporary "conservatism" is its insistence on a socio-economic threshold above which people deserve government assistance, and below which people deserve to die. 

The sooner the better. 

Unless conservatives are showing n'er-do-wells The Door of Doom, they just don't "feel right." 

To allay this chthonic anxiety, they resort to Human Sacrifice,  hoping that spilled blood will placate "the angry gods," including the one they've made of themselves. 

Having poked their eyes out, they fail to see  that self-generated wrath creates "the gods" who hold them thrall.

The Evangelical Persecution Complex (Projection's Finest Hour?)

Almost "to a man," contemporary "conservatives" have apotheosized themselves and now -- sitting on God's usurped throne -- are rabid to pass Final Judgment

Self-proclaimed Christians, eager to thrust "the undeserving" through The Gates of Hell, are the very people most likely to cross its threshold. 

Remarkably, none of them are tempted to believe this. 

"The Hard, Central Truth Of Contemporary Conservatism"

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