Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In This Video Clip, Anderson Cooper Is Not Laughing At Kellyanne Conway, But He "Should" Be

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Alan: The proper response -- indeed, the minimally moral response - to the manifest absurdities of Post-Truth Trump is the ridicule of laughter.

If relentless laughter results in The White House refusing to talk with the press, so be it.

The nation - and the world - would be better off if Trump chose to self-quarantine his falsehood. Then there would be if some brake applied to what David Brooks refers to as Trump's "daily spewing of craziness."

Just today, Trump said that "any negative poll is false news" and "the press is covering up terror attacks."

Both these claims fail the straight face test.

And it is for this reason that laughter is the only honest response.

Trump is literally "incredible" - in the sense of "not being credible."

To pretend that Despicable Donald is not habitual liar (who intersperses jolts of beyond-the-pale fantasyu) is to collude in The Plutopath's ongoing defilement of Truth.

Trump is very fond of using the word "rape."

To use that word accurately, Trump rapes Truth at every turn.

Is Anderson Cooper Laughing at Kellyanne Conway?

A video showing CNN host Anderson Cooper laughing uncontrollably at Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is a spoof

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