Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"I Love The Poorly Educated," Donald Trump

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"I Love The Poorly Educated"

Alan: I love "the poorly uneducated" too, but not the ones who have deliberately shirked learning because they consider intellectual accomplishment elite, effete or in some way inferior to the middle school opinions of people ignorant enough to approve white nationalism or some "shade" of racism.

If you do not understand the Isaac Asimov quotation below -- or if you are peeved by it -- know that you are part of Democracy's biggest problem -- i.e., an uneducated electorate -- and in no way are you part of The Solution.

It is every citizen's duty to become well-informed, and one dependable measure of being well-informed is to acknowledge NPR -- whatever its shortcomings -- as a more trustworthy news source than talk radio or Bubba's Facebook page

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