Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Frog Hospital" Editor Fred Owens And Pax On Both Houses Discuss Trump, The New Yorker

If You Like Trump Because "He Tells It Like It Is," That's Code For: "He's A Dog Whistle Racist And So Am I" | If You Like Trump Because "He Tells It Like It Is," That's Code For: "He's A Dog Whistle Racist And So Am I" | image tagged in trump and minorities,trump and ethnic animus,trump's appeal to the kkk,trump's appeal to racists,trump's dog whistle politics,tr | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Do not love New York. You gave us Donald Trump. I do not love you. I don't want to hear your excuses. I don't want to hear you say we are not all like him. You are like Trump. He was born and bred in New York and he has that attitude. You can all keep quiet now and listen to the rest of us. Left, right or center, I am tired of your noise. It's not about you. You are not the problem and you are not the solution.
VDid New York or the NYT do something to you?
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Alan Archibald As a native New Yorker, I will say -- not by way of complaint or grievance but by way of clarification -- that white Bible Belters gave us Trump.

Always eager to believe in the idyllic conjuring of bygone Golden Ages, "the good Christians" got suckered by a fast-talking New York City con man who, during last year's presidential campaign, was identified as such by New York City's Republican mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

If "con man" weren't enough to sound the alarm, one marvels that "narcissist," "vulgarian," "sexist-misogyist," "amoral megalomaniac," "worst-angels-of-our-nature whisperer" and "sociopath" didn't do the trick.

Nor did it matter to "the good Christians" that Devious Donald still hasn't read the Constitution. Or, more likely, not having read the constitution themselves, they applaud The Despicable One's disdain for an independent judiciary, separation of powers and a system of checks and balances

When Trump crashes and burns, I hope "Christian" "conservatism" crashes and burns with him - at least as a political force. It is, frankly, incompatible with the Deist Founding Fathers' vision of representative Democracy.

However, if "the good Christians" could rationalize Trump as their "savior" in the first place, I'm sure they will proceed -- without impediment or reflection -- to the next chimerical object of their fickle affection.

Notably, New Yorkers themselves had the good sense to vote for Hillary - 59% to 37.5%.

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