Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Epiphanic Revelation Of Right-Wing Dimwittedness

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Dear Fred,

Is Ms. G really unaware that The Borowitz Report is parody?

Can that be?!?

How can democracy survive when people are so ill informed -- so dimwitted... so deluded by "fake news" and "alternative facts -- that they fail to recognize in-your-face parody when they see it?

Pax tecum


PS I suppose there's a chance I'm misinterpreting the thread. Am I?
"Hey Joe, say it ain't so."

PPS Before you can say "Shoeless Joe Jackson," this could "spread like wildflower."

BG: How dare you suggest and announce this NON TRUTH as a fact? I'm afraid none of you have any idea who, what, or how we became NOT DEMOCRATS, and have chosen something a lot closer to the truth. someone who cares about us quiet ones.. (well I was quiet once) consider the source of who writes these pieces.
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BG What happened to positive thinking? Or real news? pages and pages are now full of BS.. it's like high school where you can't get to the source of the gossip before it's spread like wildflower. It might seem a popular way to be.. especially if you admire celebrities as world leaders.. but how many people look in their own mirrors and ask themselves what they can do to put nothing but loving actions in place, and refuse to be a part of evil gossip, and destructive groups.

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