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Conspiracy Thinking And The History Of Military Intervention By The United States

cartoon depicting Cuba's difficult situation
Cuba: Manufacturing An Enemy
Puck magazine published this cartoon depicting Cuba's difficult situation in the 1890s.

Dear F,

Thanks for your email.

A point of clarification...

Do you "feel" certain that the CIA was not involved in Kennedy's assassination?

"I'm convinced a second gunman was involved in killing my uncle": Robert Kennedy speaks out about JFK's assassination 

CIA Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory
(With Mafia-CIA Conspiracy Sidebar)

I am not a fan of "conspiracy thinking." 

Indeed, I criticize it much more frequently - and emphatically - than I give credence. 

However, I assume that the CIA is well-practiced at undercover activity (often resulting in the death of innocent people) .... and that The Company is well-practiced at "covering its tracks."

Inside The Plot To Kill JFK: The Secret Story Of The CIA And What Really Happened In Dallas

The official narrative only gets more implausible, especially when you hear the stories of these secret super-spies

The CIA Co-Sponsored Coup In Iran, Killing 200-300 People To Protect American And British Oil Interests

CIA Admits Involvement In Chile

Lest we forget... 

Uncle Sam is disproportionately responsible for 3,000,000 needless deaths in Vietnam - America's own (largely unrecognized) Holocaust. 

One measure of our brutality in that "conflict" (it was never declared a "war") was dropping more ordnance on North Vietnam - a country the size of North Dakota - than was dropped, cumulatively, on all of Europe during World War II.

I have no idea if government agents will snuff Trump as people around me have been suggesting lately.

What we do know is that the United States has no qualms about killing people.

Here, for example, is a fairly tame account of The Spanish American War, a war in which Spain tried its damnest to surrender BEFORE hostilities began. Republican president William McKinley however would have nothing to do with it. He wanted war because the American people had been stoked into belligerent fury by yellow journalists and America's innate (and weirdly "idealistic") passion for waging war. You know the drill: "the white man's burden," "American Exceptionalism," "spreading democracy," Good Christians' determination to visit torment on evildoers just as God "Himself" does. 

Image result for pax on both houses, pascal

The unprecedented brutality of the Spanish American War that Washington visited on The Philippines is considered its own "subset of history" - "the proving ground" for 20th century warmaking methods, one element of which culminated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan's most Christian city by far). 

Starting in The Phillipines, "American authorities" no longer sought to "secure" civilian populations, but instead began to target them. 

The First Vietnam: The U.S. - Philippine War Of 1899

Do you remember in our childhood when America's patriotic mythos made us ridicule "the redcoats" for wearing flamboyant crimson-colored clothing and how "our" "ingenious" Minute Men (the equivalent of improvised roadside explosives) could easily target them from hiding places in hedgerows, camouflaged in nondescript deerskin? 

Those ridiculed red coats actually denoted the high water mark of "civilized warfare." 

The purpose behind the "screaming color" was to make clear to everyone that "we - and only we - are the combatants" and British "rules of engagement" sought to be perfectly clear that civilians and combatants belonged to categorically different groups and "n'er the twain shall meet."

When Danny was growing up, I sat him down to watch Disney's "Johnny Tremain" - a movie I loved in my youth - but soon found myself so appalled by the Minute Men "picking off" "the Redcoats" that my stomach physically rebelled and I turned it off.

In my view, the Minute Men were as ruthlessly terroristic as Islamist jahadis planting roadside IEDs.

Finally, consider this summary of how Uncle Sam -- largely motivated by the arrogance of "Manifest Destiny" and "The Monroe Doctrine" -- invades anybody, anywhere, for "any" reason: 

Timeline Of U.S. Military Interventions

Tell me.

Should I report my suspicion of Donald's pending assassination to "The Authorities?"

If so, to whom should I turn?

The CIA? 

The FBI? 

My local police department? 

The county sheriff?

My congressman?

My senator?



FOLLOW-UP Dialogue with F:

Dear A

If what you are saying is true then what Donald said last week is true when he was asked about his seeming love of Putin this despot who has people including journalists killed.
Donald said so you think we're so innocent. We kill people too. 
He was derided for that as another of his tongue slippers to justify his point of view. 
Can there be a crazy rogue CIA agent? Hoover was a demonic FBI leader. Sure anything is possible. I have to believe that a planned assassination is not a possibility. If I don't then I have to believe this country is not worth being a leader in the world.



Dear F,

Like I said during the campaign.

Pray that God is more merciful than just.

For if God's justice trumps his mercy, we deserve Donald.

Check out this John Oliver shtick. It's very spotty until the last third but even so it's quite good overall.

There is a section in Oliver's spiel where he contrasts American vility with Russian vility. And even though I think he lets America off easy, I still tend to agree.

It's possible that what's great about America is what America's good people are able to accomplish within the overall polito-economic milieu of laissez faire social structure which provides good people "the free space" in which to do great things, while, at the same, this is the same space which enables our "normalized criminals" (both political and economic) to run amuck. 

If this surmise is accurate, we all might be far more co-dependent than we think, and certainly far more co-dependent than we are willing to entertain/accept.

Sort of like an orphan who grows up to be a Truly Great Person and then learns s/he's the product of Hitler raping a sex slave whom he subsequently tortured, killed and cannibalized.

Go figure.

It's complicated.

Still, as I interpret the best of the world's religious traditions, it is not advisable to become attached to any the outcome we desire.

But it is our duty to commit ourselves -- hole-heartedly -- to the outcomes we desire. 

In the end, virtue is its own reward.

And vice is its own punishment.

As someone said: "We are not punished for our sins. We are punished by our sins."



On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 11:51 PM, FV wrote:

Dear A

I have to believe that the CIA or FBI are not that nefarious.  The Russians maybe,since I think he's lost a lot of ability to play nice with them as they hoped
and he's not able to pay them off for there help. They too might never want his taxes or any more connections to them made. 



On Feb 20, 2017 11:42 PM, "Alan Archibald" <> wrote:
Dear F,

In the last 24 hours I've heard two people suggest that they think Trump will be assassinated by the CIA or the FBI.

We can only pray that this does not happen.

But if those revered institutions were undertake such nefarious activity, who am I to question high-ranking federal officials and their authoritative chain of command?



On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 11:30 PM, FV wrote:
O'Donnell just talked about the 25th constitutional amendment section 4 that gives the V.P. along with a majority of the cabinet the ability to install the VP as Acting President if they deem that the unable to execute the powers and duties of Pres. There is no limit as to what that inability is. It could be health or as in this case insanity.

I don't think Pence would have the cajones to do it on his own but maybe with the backing of Mattis, Mc Master maybe Tillis (they could persuade 5 more) he'd get  backbone enough to make the stand. It's a dream but I can dream can't I?

Hope we talk tomorrow.


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