Thursday, February 9, 2017

"CNN’s Jake Tapper Just Threw Down The Gauntlet With President Trump"

The Deplorables Will Never Turn On Trump Because They Need Him To Be As Deplorable As They Are | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

What follows is my response to friend Tarantino's Facebook post of news report saying that "CNN’s Jake Tapper Just Threw Down The Gauntlet With President Trump," This link was followed by ST's gentile reply that "Trump doesn't care about this asshole either." (It is increasingly evident that a disproportionate number of Trump supporters are intent on letting others know that they or their "heroes" "don't care.")

My Response:

Since I have not had television since Maria was 2, I only stumbled on Jake Tapper in the last few years.

Immediately, I said to myself: "This guy is a good reporter who knows how to pursue truth."

If you have not seen Tapper's recent 25 minute interview with Kellyanne Conway, it is quite remarkable.

As gifted as Conway is at making-mountains-out-of-molehills, molehills-out-of-mountains, and preemptively excusing Trump's neverending torrent of in-your-face falsehood (a Trumpian reflex that conservative columnist David Brooks recently categorized as "spewing craziness daily") Tapper sticks to the truth and gradually eats away at Conway's bafflegab distractions.

Kellyanne, a co-founder of "Alternative Facts" -- God save us! -- has no response for Tapper's factual assertion that Trump has reveled in falsehood since launching his presidential bid on the bogus basis of birtherism, a non-issue from the get-go since - as Ted Cruz' campaign revealed - valid presidential candidacy does not hinge on the country where an American citizen is born, but only on the circumstance of being born of an American parent.

I would like to see every network reporter develop a recitable litany of Devious Donald's interminable swamp of whole-cloth falsehoods, any ONE of which - uttered by Hillary - would have generated as much anger and malice among Congressional Republicans as the near non-event of Hillary's purported malfeasance in "Benghazi." (Notably, the final Benghazi report, issued last year by a predominantly Republican committee, presented NO actionable evidence that could have been used to make a plausible legal case that Hillary was guilty of wrongdoing.)

"Obama's Benghazi And Reagan's Beirut"

In future, I will delve into American conservatives' determination to hold Democrats to a "Standard of Perfection" while choosing Donald Trump as the GOP standard-bearer despite Trump "University," a $45 million dollar scam for which "you" or I would have been locked up forever - plus 4000 other lawsuits and a well-documented, decades-long trail of refusing to pay contractors, workers and suppliers.

Mingya! "The Despicable One" even stiffed "USA Freedom Girls," a group of pre-pubescent girls who performed a dance routine on the plutopath's campaign trail. Google it!

Tapper-Conway Interview:

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