Friday, February 3, 2017

An Old Friend Thinks Bannon Is Right Telling The Press To "Shut Up"

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Alan: The following is my reply to an old friend's Facebook post praising Bannon's simultaneous reprimand of the Press, telling them to "shut up," also encouraging Bannon to remain close-mouthed when asked probing questions by the Press.

When public servants like Bannon continually refuse to answer questions -- or persistently answer with falsehood, deception or "alternative truth" -- they progressively erode their own mandate, a mandate that was feeble from the moment Donald lost The Popular Vote by nearly 3 million ballots.

The final vote tally credited Hillary with 4.55% more votes than Devious Donald.

That's a very large plurality.

Whatever one might say about president Trump (and yes, he is the president), the American people consider him a loser.

In fact, the American people made him a loser in what Republicans like to call a straightforward "up and down vote," also known as a "clean vote."

Just four year's ago, Trump himself would have agreed that the winner of the popular vote should be the winner of the presidential election.

Here is Donald's own comment on The Electoral College:

Note well.

Our public servants can only be cocky for a short time before cockiness itself becomes "pride before a fall."

No one has ever been prouder than "the man in the high tower."

And no one -- not even Humpty -- has set himself up for such a shattering fall.

With Trump's approval ratings in the low 40s (the lowest of any incoming president ever) and with presidents experiencing maximum erosion-of-support during their first two years in office, the 2018 mid-term elections will see big -- perhaps "sea change" -- gains by Democrats in Congress, a seismic collapse in Trump's "popularity" that will destine him to an unprecedently abysmal single term.

Note that Obama's end-of-term approval rating was 60% and that a group of 238 presidential historians ranked Barack Hussein Obama the 15th best president ever. (Not that American conservatives are likely to credit learning or erudition...)

And finally, Trump, Bannon and the rest of this administration's closet-fascists will teach America a lasting lesson: "Don't elect those guys again!"

Make no mistake.

Trump does not represent a new dawn.

Rather, he is the last gasp of white supremacy and Caucasian superciliousness.

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