Saturday, February 4, 2017

All Six Of America's 2016 Nobel Prize Winners Are Immigrants

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All Six Of America's 2016 Nobel Prize Winners Are Immigrants

Alan: I realize that rural America is hurting and that the disproportionate number of white people who live there -- and are increasingly self-medicating with alcohol, meth and opioids --are in need of relief.

However, their quandary is largely self-made.

How many of these good-but-misguided folk fought to resist the displacement of local "mom-and-pop" businesses when "The Big Boxes" came to town. 

And how many of them salivated at the promise of "lower prices everyday!"

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Burger Queens

Mostly, how many of these poorly-schooled white people have seriously tried to re-tool their lives through education and instruction, or even considered migration to greener pastures just as hardscrabble Latin Americans do, making the perilous (and often life-threatening) journey to "El Norte" where they cannot speak the language, navigate the culture or depend on a skill-set beyond the brute strength of their arms.

The "giveaway" to the "intellectual" indolence of white American country-dwellers who elected Trump is their burning desire that Donald "bring the jobs back."

However, the manufacturing jobs they have in mind are not coming back because many of those jobs have already been automated in the countries to which they were originally outsourced and the trend to automate, roboticize and enhance productivity through improved software will only continue.

Don't Get Fooled Again: Trump's Aspiration To "Bring Back" Increasingly Roboticized Jobs

The time when uneducated people can secure high-paying rust-belt jobs that "only" require repetitive motion is gone forever.

From now on, people either learn skills that require a significant measure of intellectual mastery, or they will be marginalized economically forevermore.

Far from rising to the educational task in hand, these poor whites disdain so-called intellectual "elites" while congregating in their "social media silos" to promote falsehood, seemingly convinced that lies spoken loudly enough will "trump" truth and learning. 

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