Tuesday, February 14, 2017

1A: If I Had A Trillion Dollars: Fixing America's Aging Infrastructure. What To Fix... How To Pay

Officials have ordered tens of thousands of residents to evacuate areas near the Oroville Dam in Northern California over fears that an emergency spillway could fail.

Alan: This is a very engaging - and revealing - panel discussion of infrastructure development (and re-development) which, perhaps inevitably, comes down to the discussion of energy. 

One panelist, Stephen Moore, an economics fellow at The Heritage Foundation, also served as senior economic advisor to the Trump Campaign. 

Moore makes a few good points but, like most conservatives, is "penny wise and pound foolish," remaining diligently ignorant of the catastrophic damage his development plans would elicit - damage that can only be partially repaired and then at such stratospheric cost as to dwarf the short-term "savings" he emphasizes.

If I Had A Trillion Dollars: Fixing America's Aging Infrastructure

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