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How Ayelet Waldman Found A Calmer Life On Tiny Doses Of LSD

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How Ayelet Waldman Found A Calmer Life On Tiny Doses Of LSD

The polymath writer, known for defying expectation, turned a treatment for her unstable moods into her latest project.

The New Yorker

"Tiny Amounts Of LSD For Depression"

"A Really Good Day" Recaps A Month-Long Adventure Of Microdosing LSD

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Alan: Here's the email I sent to my bandmates after Waldman became dinner-time conversation at yesterday's band rehearsal.


I had a fine time at yesterday's rehearsal. Thanks!

Can't believe I'd overlooked Tom Petty's "Listen To Her Heart" until Mark suggested we play it. (After reviewing our rehearsal tape I listened to Petty's 2006 live version and, truth be told, I like our rendition better. Well done guys!) 


Here's the LSD article I mentioned at dinner. 

Although I recognize the dangers of psychedelic drugs, I've always thought they are a deep well that deserves much more attention than they get. 

In Waldman's article I was most struck by this passage: 'The mood improvement that coincided with her microdosing changed her whole view of depression. "It was almost the first time in my life I had perspective on what my moods are. Now, when I slip back into the bad feelings, I know it could get better overnight. And also: There is better."'

The end-game-horror of psychological disease is that -- consistent with traditional conceptions of Hell --
it seems to the sufferer that mental illness is everlastingly inescapable. "Your number didn't come up and now you're f______ forever." 

Waldman's experience revealed that "There is better."

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