Friday, January 13, 2017

Donald Trump's Karmic Payback: BuzzFeed Reflects His Own Outrageous Conspiracy Theories

Trump's Blizzard Of Bullshit And The Corrosion Of Traditional Norms | The Blizzard Of Bullshit Swirling Around Trump Induces Despair At Disentangling Truth From Swaggering Falsehood | image tagged in trump's lies,trump's falsehood,trump's manipulation | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Donald Trump's Karmic Payback: BuzzFeed's Recklessness Reflects His Outrageous Conspiracy Theories Back At Him

Trump is right to be outraged about media irresponsibility, but the birther-in-chief brought this fiasco on himself

Pulitzer Prize-Winning PolitiFact Finds That Only 1% Of The Things Trump Says Are Entirely True

Hey! Deceiver-in-Chief!
Here's some more karmic blowback.
(Or, in Christian terms, "you reap what we sow.")

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Faith and Falsehood

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