Friday, January 20, 2017

Compendium Of Pax Posts Re: Trump's Non-Stop Ability To Tell One Shameless Lie After Another

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Alan: The following video is a doozy. 

It is impossible to know what Trump will do because his pathological relationship with Truth renders him a tabula rasa until he "hears a tweet." 

VIDEO: Trump Tells More Lies Than Any U.S. Politician. Why Do "Patriots" And "Christians" Believe A Liar

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Gives Detailed Explanation Of Trump's Pathological Obsession With Continuous Lying

Watch: CNN Spent Ten Straight Minutes Tearing Down Trump's Lies

Pulitzer Prize-Winning PolitiFact Finds That Only 1% Of The Things Trump Says Are Entirely True

Keith Olbermann's 176 Reasons Trump Shouldn't Be President
(Yes, It's All Here And Worth Hearing In One Relentless Torrent)

Who Lies Most? A Pants-On-Fire Comparison Of America's 20 Best Known Politicians

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"Are Republicans Insane?" Best Pax Posts

"There Are Two Ways Of Lying..." Denis De Rougemont And Donald Trump

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