Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Friend Close To Trump's "Podiatrist" Confirms Reports Of Philandering And Kinky Sex

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Alan: I am not at liberty to reveal my source but a "podiatrist" who has long treated Trump (and other family members) says Trump was a full-throttle philanderer and whore-monger, frequenting parties where recreational drugs were dispensed at the door. 

He went on to say that Trump did not expect to win the presidency and has no interest in the nuts-and-bolts of the office. 

Instead, he plans to perform those presidential functions that interest (or amuse) him, while leaving the tedium and "heavy lifting" to Pence and other staff.

"Perverted" Sex With Russian Prostitutes, Kickbacks, Bribes And Other Trump Follies Revealed

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Alan: Why do we cut this SOBMF sooooo much slack?
Are we, in our heart of hearts, that nasty?
That barbaric?
That willing (eager?) to play with nuclear fire?

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