Saturday, March 5, 2016

Renowned Republican Consultant Frank Luntz Says GOP Process Is "Poisonous," Fears Violence

Alan: It is not accidental that The Republican Party is driven by emotion and routinely disdains truth. By surrendering the Leadership of Reason to the Rule of Emotion, Republicans have taken Luntz' advice and are now headed for psycho-social-political disaster. The quest for power - unmoored from Reason and Truth - is a serviceable definition of insanity.

Renowed Republican Consultant Frank Luntz And The Replacement Of Reason With Emotion

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Republican presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, the living American who has served longest as a White House senior staff adviser, observed: “The Republican philosophy might be summarized thus: To hell with principle; what matters is power, and that we have it, and that they do not.” “Where the Right Went Wrong" 

GOP Candidates Ratchet Up Raucous Discourse

The Republican candidates' rhetoric is getting heated, and a little dirty. GOP political consultant Frank Luntz tells NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro why the candidates need to tone it down.

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The Daily Show Interviews Republican Official Who Spills Beans On Deliberate Voter Suppression 
Masquerading As Prevention Of Voter Fraud

Gandhi, Truth And The Irrepressible Power Of Satyagraha

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