Friday, January 29, 2016

Many Christians Live In An Unbreakable Bubble Of Biblical And Theological Dunderheadedness

Mistakes In Scripture: When The Bible Gets The Bible Wrong

"Is The Bible More Violent Than The Quran?"

Biblical Literalism And The Cultivation Of Hatred

Biblical Literalism: Not Only Impossible But Destructive Of Meaning And Souls

UNC CH Professor Bart D. Ehrman:
Biblical Exegete And Former Christian Evangelical
The Bible and Textual Analysis

"Love Your Enemies. Do Good To Those Who Hate You," Luke 6: 27-42

Yeshua Excoriates Fellow Pharisees: "The Woe Passages"

"Do You Know What You're Doing To Me?"
Jesus of Nazareth

Hey Christian! How Many Of Jesus' Moral Stands Do You Approve? Take The Test!

Pope Francis: Quotations On Finance, Economics, Capitalism And Inequality

What's Wrong With The Abrahamic Religions: Absolutism, Scriptural Inerrancy, Bloodlust

Pastor John Piper "discusses the vexing problem of God ordering the mass killing of every Canaanite man, woman, and child."

"God Enjoys The 10 Plagues Way Too Much"

Religion and Perfectionism

Americans, Especially Catholics, Approve Of Inquisitorial Torture

"Good Romans" Considered Jesus' Torture Necessary For Imperial Safety

Christianity's Bedrock Commitment To Torture: Remaking "The Faithful" In God's Image

Time For Catholicism To "Shelve" Traditions And Texts That Represent God As A Terrorist

Bibliolatry... And How To Live Happily Ever After

The Rich Believe They Are Rewarded Because They're Deserving. Not So The Scum

"Most Of The Rich Think The Poor Have It Easy," Washington Post

"The Poor Are More Than Twice As Charitable As The Rich"

"Christian Conservatism: "The Saved," "The Damned," "The Rich," "The Poor"

"Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War"

ISIS And The Inquisition: The Shadow Side Of Religion. Why Does Belief Do This?
The Civil War: White Christians Slaughtering One Another On A Scale ISIS Can Only Dream Of

"What ISIS Really Wants" And How The Patriarch Abraham Appears To Be The Instigator

"Trial By Ordeal: The Bloody Old Testamental Roots Of Modern Justice"

"Trial By Ordeal: Alive And Well Into The 17th Century"

"Any Religion That Needs Fear To Thrive Is Bad Religion"

"Bad Religion: A Compendium"
Jesus Rails Against Human Traditions Of "Our Great Leaders Who Lived Long Ago" 

The Gospels With The Words Of Jesus In Red

Everything Jesus And The Apostles Had To Say About "The Rich" And "The Poor"

"My Gripe With Christianity"

The Christian Doctrine Of Damnation... And The Destruction Of Christ-Spirit

Compendium Of Best Pax Posts On Organized Religion And The Everyday Validation Of Violence

The Obsolescence Of God:
Good Religion And Bad

"Has America Lost Its Mind?" 1A's Brilliant Interview With "Fantasyland's" Kurt Andersen

Televangelist Jim Bakker Resurrected: If This Doesn't Scare The Bejesus Out Of You, Repent For Your End Is Near!

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