Monday, February 24, 2014

Why The Bible Belt Is Delusional

Hey the majority of Baptist churches today are ecumenical with Rome, it's the few "fundamentalist" ones that aren't, even if they have their own errors. Hey Pope Francis is being used to "re-market" the Catholic church and putting a "nice smiley face" on Satan's deceptions. The devil uses charismatic people to fool people. The devil knows people like to follow a face, someone they can see. Cult of personality.
"The Bible Belt Is A Weapon Used Buckle End First"

"The Bible Belt Is Christianity's Worst Enemy"

Alan: Undergirding much of The Bible Belt's delusion is the erroneous belief that The War of Northern Aggression (as southerners commonly call The Civil War) was chiefly fought over "States Rights." 
Rather, The Civil War centered on an economic, social and political system which depended on slavery.
"States Rights" was an ex post facto justification for secession, the only fey hope for prolonging and extending "The Peculiar Institution," a system of normalized oppression, abuse and human trafficking (partly for purposes of systematic rape) whose days were numbered. 

The Top Five Causes Of The Civil War

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