Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christians And "Christians" Choose Mercy, Love & Forgiveness, Or Retribution & Punishment

James' Epistle: "Judgment Without Mercy Will Be Shown To Anyone Who Has Not Shown Mercy"

Alan: Across every ideological boundary, the self-righteous share one conviction, that they -- and only they -- are absolutely right; so right that they feel entitled to slaughter infidels and are made giddy by the eternal torment of the dead.

In the minds of the malicious -- punctilious and devout as they may be -- mercy, compassion, love and forgiveness are forever trumped by vengeance, punishment and retribution.

Best Pax Posts On Punishment And Torture As "Necessary" Methods For Righting Wrongs

The Good Samaritan

Yeshua Excoriates Fellow Pharisees: "The Woe Passages"

"Twelve Steps For The Recovering Pharisee (Like Me)" By John Fischer

"Love Your Enemies. Do Good To Those Who Hate You," Luke 6: 27-42

"Do You Know What You're Doing To Me?"
Jesus of Nazareth

Bad Things Happen: Punishment, Mercy And The Demise Of The Republican Party

Pope Francis: Quotations On Finance, Economics, Capitalism And Inequality

Bill McKibben: "The Christian paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong."

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