Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It Is Stupidity, Not Guns That Kills But The Ready Availability Of Guns Makes It Waayyyy Easier

Stupidity that prevents people from making the connection between guns and killing people is what kills people.

Alan: A handgun is designed to kill human beings. 

Pistols and revolvers have no other purpose than the destruction of human life.

When people fail to make the necessary connection between "the nature of a tool" and the overwhelmingly likelihood that tools will be used in accordance with their nature, we observe 1.) the cerebral cortices of American "conservatives" are unfolded, or 2.) that American educational process has failed.

The indwelling purpose of a tool begs for that tool to be used in accordance with its nature.

By nature, guns incline users to shoot living things and "The Law of Physiscal Mandate" pre-determines that when a variety of tools are available for the achievement of an end, the tool that is most effective will be used.

This is why people who become murderously enraged will choose a firearm over a knife in any situation where both are available.

You get what you pay for.

When you pay for a gun, you pay for a device whose designed purpose is killing.

To minimize murder, manslaughter and suicide, it is necessary to keep guns from people who are prone to murder, slaughter and suicide. 

When guns are not freely available, the number of deaths by murder,
 manslaughter, suicide and accident plummet.

This precipitous decline is an achievable end that can be studied in the aftermath of Australia's Port Arthur Massacre.

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

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