Monday, June 30, 2014

Senator Susan Collins Is The Latest Republican To Back Gay Marriage

The latest Republican to back gay marriage: Sen. Susan Collins. "Maine Sen. Susan Collins announced her support for same-sex marriage...hours after the nation’s largest gay-rights group endorsed her for re-election this year over Democrat Shenna Bellows, a longtime advocate of gay couples' right to marry. Collins had previously declined to reveal where she stood personally, saying the issue was best handled at the state level....Many observers expected Collins to endorse it last year as other members of Congress, including a few Republicans, announced their support amid shifting public attitudes. But Collins steadfastly remained silent on the issue, or said she believed that states should make the call, whether through referendums or legislation." Kevin Miller in Portland Press Herald.

Background reading: Republicans who back same-sex marriage are still an endangered species. Aaron Blake in The Washington Post.

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