Friday, June 27, 2014

David Brooks: Is America Losing Faith In Democracy?

Alan: Theocracy is intrinsically inimical to Democracy.


"GOP Voter Suppression And Conservative Contempt For Democracy"


BROOKS: Is America losing faith in universal democracy? "When the U.S. was a weak nation, Americans dedicated themselves to proving to the world that democracy could last. When the U.S. became a superpower, Americans felt responsible for creating a global order that would nurture the spread of democracy. But now the nation is tired, distrustful, divided and withdrawing. Democratic vistas give way to laissez-faire fatalism: History has no shape. The dream of universal democracy seems na├»ve. National interest matters most....But if America isn’t a champion of universal democracy, what is the country for? A great inheritance is being squandered; a 200-year-old language is being left by the side of the road." David Brooks in The New York Times.

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