Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"A Mississippi Republican Wins With Support From Democratic Black Voters"

The Insiders: A Mississippi Republican wins with support from black voters

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) makes me feel even better about being a Republican today. His runoff campaign for the U.S. Senate seat he has held for 36 years accomplished something I don’t remember previously seeing in my lifetime. That is, a Republican in a Dixie state asked for and received black votes in a Republican primary — and those votes made a difference. His opponent, a wannabe modern version of a Southern demagogue who would have been a living scar on the Republican Party if he had won, played the race card to try and rile up white voters and intimidate African Americans, using language and tactics right out of the 1950s.
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Mississippi Republicans vote their appetite

Chris McDaniel, 41, the flawed paladin of the tea party persuasion who in Mississippi’s Republican Senate primary failed to wrest the nomination from the faltering hands of six-term incumbent Thad Cochran, 76, came into politics after a stint in talk radio. There practitioners do not live by the axiom that you don’t have to explain something you never said, and McDaniel had some explaining to do about some of his more colorful broadcast opinions and phrases, which may have given a number of voters pause about whether he is quite senatorial, whatever that means nowadays.
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