Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ronald Reagan On Taxes: Back In The Day Before Conservatives Spurned Context

Alan: "Any text without a context is a pretext." Conservative passion for isolated "shards of meaning" deliberately ripped out of context informs the demonic mendacity that pervades The Republican Party. If contemporary conservatives find an "exception to a rule" - or a de-contextualized "fact" that contradicts the entirety of "contextualized meaning" - they assume they have "won the argument." What they have actually achieved is the putrescent degradation of Truth by twisting it  and mangling it so that the cherry-picked "shards of truth" that remain suggest a conclusion which, in the view of any honorable epistemology, is categorically wrong. These conclusions are not just "a little bit wrong" or "moderately wrong" but diametrically opposed to Truth. Anthropogenic global warming, evolution, the posited good of ever lower taxes, the alleged abomination of Obamacare (socialized medicine), the Iraq Iraq, the Vietnam War, dropping the atomic bomb on civilian populations (not once but twice), and the condemnation of gay marriage (as a secular, democratic institution) are a few of many issues whose manhandling by "conservatives" will be proven wrong. 

Tom Brokaw's jawdropping interview with Warren Buffett, the astutest financial adviser and capitalist investor in American history.


"The Pitchforks Are Coming... For Us Billionaires" 
Billionaire Amazon Financier, Nick Hanauer

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