Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ammosexuals Blame Anything But Guns For Latest Mass Shooting

Think this picture is an exaggeration? Try listening to an ammosexual slobber over how much they need their guns someday.
Alan: This article is not "up my rhetorical alley" but I love the term "ammosexual." 


"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

Remember when “politicizing a tragedy” was frowned upon by conservatives? Yeah, those days are gone. Now it’s Autism! Video Games! Homosexuality! Women! Seth Rogan? Right now, the ammosexual right is furiously trying to distract from the latest gun massacre and use it to advance their socially regressive agenda. They’re throwing every excuse at the wall like monkeys flinging poop to see which one sticks. Here’s Erick Erickson of’s handful of crap:
In a “war on women” culture, some vocal voices have seized on this as what happens to men questing for a fully masculine culture. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.
Best we can tell, Elliot Rodger lived the very lifestyle the cultural left thinks men should live and that is regularly glorified on the silver screen. For all the talk of a “War on Women,” there has actually been a war on masculinity for a few decades. And more and more twenty-something young men are getting lost and acting out while society tries to find something new to replace the tried and true.
See? Elliot Rodger was the victim! If only liberals would have let him behave like a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, he wouldn’t have gone out and behaved like a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. Or something. Look, buddy! Don’t think about it, OK?! Just accept that liberals are to blame and not guns!
But even if nothing sticks, Erickson and his monstrous cohort will make so much noise that the real culprit: the ease with which a person with known mental illness was able to buy a gun, will be lost. And that’s the point: Don’t discuss guns! NEVER discuss guns! Discussing guns as the source of gun violence might lead to common sense restrictions on who can buy them. And as
ranting lunaticsammosexualsimbeciles “everyone” knows, keeping the mentally ill, violent criminals and potential terrorists from buying gun inevitably leads to
less profits for the gun industry a ban on all guns, tyranny and/or the Holocaust.
Erickson’s nonsense is straight out of the NRA’s playbook of smoke and mirrors and I hope he enjoys cashing his blood soaked check from Wayne LaPierre. If success is measured by the inanity of the “don’t blame guns!” excuse, Erickson is due for a bonus.

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