Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vermont's Socialist Senator Barry Sanders Slagged By Veterans' Group Leader

Sen. Barry Sanders Accused Of Being "Apologist For VA"
“A few months ago, I brought forth what was widely believed to be the most comprehensive veterans' legislation to improve the lives of the veterans of this country in terms of healthcare, employment, education, advanced appropriations, and many other areas. [It] had the support of every veterans organization, including Mr. Rieckhoff’s organization. Unfortunately, we were only able to get two Republican votes to support that.”
Sanders was referring to a February 2014 bill containing 140 provisions and calling for the addition of more VA clinics.
At the time, Burr argued that the measure did not provide enough resources to cover that kind of expansion. As Maddow said in a commentary last week, Senate Republicans also attempted to add “poison pill” amendments to the bill.
Alan: America's sudden willingness to pay "whatever it costs" to provide the best possible healthcare for veterans is as bogus as Americans' insistence that they want to balance the budget by spending cuts alone. 

"Americans Clamor For Budget Cuts But Have No Intention Of Enacting Them"

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