Friday, May 30, 2014

Weird Enuf Fer Ya? News From Barbaria #90

Anti-Vaccine Expert - And Playboy Model - Jenny McCarthy


How the death of epistemology validates airheads:

"The Guardian: John Oliver's Viral Video Is The Best Climate Debate You'll Ever See"

"The Death Of Epistemology"


CDC blames science-denying anti-vaxxers for 20-year high in measles cases

Virginia honor roll student murdered parents because they ‘took away my iPod and stuff’

Toddler in coma after GA police toss stun grenade into his crib during drug raid

Transgender women attacked on Atlanta train as onlookers cheer, record video

Interview turns bizarre as Rush Limbaugh asks trans woman how to ‘trick’ men into sex

‘Listen to the master’: Bill O’Reilly says Megyn Kelly disproves income inequality ‘myth’

House approves measure to stop feds from interfering with state medical marijuana laws

Maddow: Big Oil beating Tea Party is bad news for TX residents already hurt by fracking

Michael Bloomberg tells Harvard graduates: Liberals are trying to ‘repress’ conservatives

Police knew about Santa Barbara shooter’s videos weeks before, but did not watch them

GOP candidate for SC schools chief wants to teach ‘scientific theory of intelligent design’

Campus cop fires gun at teens he caught making out in car parked at school

Here we go again: Gun-toting supporters of TX rancher challenge feds over government land

Husband of Pakistani woman who was stoned to death says he murdered his first wife

Father of accused rapist arrested in India for viciously beating victim’s mother

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