Thursday, May 29, 2014

Surprise: Power Companies Want To Comply With Obama's New Carbon Rules

Every combusted gallon of gasoline produces 19.64 pounds of carbon dioxide gas.
three times the weight of the gasoline itself.
Do the math at:


"John Oliver's Viral Video Is The Best Debate On Global Warming You'll Ever See"
The Guardian


"Great River Energy has a lot to lose from the Obama administration's limits on greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants. Instead of fighting the rules, the Minnesota electricity cooperative has come up with a plan to raise the cost of the power it makes from coal to cut carbon pollution....Great River is one of a number of companies and researchers to propose ways to adapt to climate rules President Barack Obama is set to unveil next week. Some of the proposals -- ranging from taxing carbon to spurring energy efficiency or expanding cap-and-trade initiatives -- could fundamentally alter the way Americans get power at their homes and workplaces." Mark Drajem in Bloomberg

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