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Juan Cole's Blog "Informed Comment. Thoughts On The Middle East, History & Religion

"Terrorism And The Other Religion"
Juan Cole

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I just learned that Cole is a history professor at University of Michigan.

As an undergraduate, he majored in History and Literature of Religion and after years of interest in Buddhism became a practicing Baha'i. He quit his practice when "administration" wanted to censor his writing.

He never took to organized religion again.

Wikipedia Excerpt:
Cole was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father served in the United States Army Signal Corps. When Cole was age two, his family left New Mexico for France. His father completed two tours with the U.S. military in France (a total of seven years) and one 18-month stay at Kagnew Station in AsmaraEritrea (then Ethiopia). (Cole reports that he first became interested in Islam in Eritrea, which has a population roughly half Christian and half Muslim.) Cole was schooled at a variety of locations, twelve schools in twelve years, at a series of dependent schools on military bases but also sometimes in civilian schools. Some schooling occurred in the United States, particularly in North Carolina and California.[3]
Cole obtained his undergraduate degree at Northwestern University in 1975, having majored in History and Literature of Religions. For two quarters in his senior year he conducted a research project in Beirut,Lebanon and returned to the city as a graduate student in the fall of 1975, but the civil war prevented Cole from continuing his studies there. Therefore he pursued a Masters degree at the American University in Cairo in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, graduating in 1978. Cole then returned to Beirut for another year and worked as a translator for a newspaper.[3] In 1979 Cole enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles as a doctoral student in the field of Islamic Studies, graduating in 1984. After graduation, Cole was appointed Assistant Professor of History at the University of Michigan where he became a full professor in 1995.[4]
Cole was from a mixed Catholic and Protestant heritage but was brought up a non-denominational Protestant on army bases. In the late 1960s and the 1970s he became interested in Eastern religions, including Buddhism. Cole became a member of the Bahá'í Faith in 1972 as an undergraduate at Northwestern, and the religion later became a focus of his academic research. He resigned from the faith in 1996 after disputes with Bahá'í leadership concerning the Bahá'í system of administration, especially demands by the administration to censor his writings. After 1996 he became uninterested in organized religion as a personal matter.[5]
Cole married Shahin Malik in Lahore in 1982. The couple has a son, Arman, born in 1987.[6] 

Here is Cole's blog "Informed Comment: Thoughts On The Middle East, History And Religion" - 

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