Monday, September 30, 2013

Elephants, Donkeys And The Rubrics Of Liberal Democracy

Political Collaborators, Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill
Was their collaboration a myth? 


"What Would Reagan Really Do?"

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I agree with you.

However, alongside "letting your opponents lose without stepping on their pride," it is equally important that political minorities accede to majority "victories" without hurling accusations that the majoritarian standard-bearer is Communist or Anti-Christ - or that he was born in a remote East African village, even though birth on foreign soil would have no impact on his American citizenship or presidential eligibility.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada. 

Mitt Romney's father, George Romney - also a U.S. presidential candidate - was born in Mexico.

Democrats "won Obamacare" fair and square and the conservative Supreme Court "ratified" the legality of the legislation. 

The current attempt to delay The Affordable Care Act's implementation -- by holding the nation hostage -- is treacherous if not traitorous. 

Properly mounted opposition to The Affordable Care Act -- in both houses of Congress -- is acceptable procedure, but not the subversive tactics now in play.

To be clear...

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Rockefeller Republican.

The Republican Party has been kidnapped by theocratic radicals who would happily destroy Liberal Democracy in order to get their way.  "Liberal Democracy":

Here is an insightful exploration of the GOP's ongoing replacement of conservatism with chaos.

Excerpt: "(Republicans) believe that the only sane response to an apocalypse (i.e., liberal ascendancy) is to provoke another, in hopes of starting over."

Pax on both houses


PS See "American Conservatives And Oppositional-Defiant Disorder"

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Fred Owens <> wrote:

Diversity. The govt shutdown is the fruit of diversity -- there is no common language, no likelihood of mutual understanding. We had good old boys who got along with each other ( quite a flawed system, to be sure ) and now we have diversity, divorce, division, with no core of harmony. Everybody is texting and no one is talking. No agreement. Separation.

Here we have Humphrey, Dirksen and JFK -- they managed to install Medicare and pass the Voting Rights Act -- they had to corral a herd of stampeding Senators and Congressman, do some art twisting, make some trades, whittle off the sharp edges, argue, promise, lie -- but they passed the bills and did not end up hating each other.

The skill is to get some people to agree with you. Even more important, you let your opponents lose without stepping on their pride.

Whereas Pelosi and Reid passed Affordable Health Care without a single Republican vote -- you could almost guarantee that trouble would come from that.

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