Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jon Stewart on Ted Cruz: Obamacare Will Finger Bang You With A Puppet (Video)

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Jon Stewart skewers Ted Cruz’s crusade: ‘Obamacare is your Springtime for Hitler’

By Arturo Garcia
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 
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Jon Stewart mocked the Republican Party’s threat to shut the federal government down before allowing the Affordable Care Act to be implemented come October 1 on The Daily Show on Monday, arguing that it was par for the course for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his colleagues.
“You’re protecting America from this terrible Obamacare plan that, once we get a taste of [it], we’ll never want to be without,” Stewart argued. “You only win if the program fails. Obamacare is yourSpringtime For Hitler.
At one point, Stewart went into mock hysterics after playing a clip of Cruz’s statement that “nothing is hurting the economy” like Obamacare.
“Nothing makes food taste worse, nothing makes it harder to get an erection, nothing spoils Breaking Bad, nothing sews you into a human centipede like Obamacare,” Stewart exclaimed. “Obamacare will murder your hope.”
The host also took Cruz to task for arguing that Obama was trying to get the country “addicted to the subsidies” associated with the law and likening it to candy.
“You know how America is with entitlements — it’s like crack to us,” Stewart argued. “You give us one small taste of Social Security, and suddenly we’re all sucking the glass d*ck of not having our old people freeze to death and live off of cat food.”
Watch Stewart take on Cruz, posted on YouTube on Tuesday by “CoffeeandNews41,”below.

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