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Why Obamacare -- A Textbook "Political Sausage" -- Must Not Be Delayed

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Delay would be the demise of Obamacare.

If it dies, we immediately return to the 19th century - the climactic jizz-fizz of Angry White Guys' collective hard-on. 

Notably, Teddy Roosevelt was the first American president to support universal health care, way back in 1912. (The national movement in support of universal care dates back to the 1880s.)

The Obamacare "sausage" must be implemented, or all is lost.

Once implemented, then - and only then - changes get made. 

Democrats -- including Obama -- are eager for future modification because they know how many improvements need to be made. They are champing at the bit to get on with this work!

The details of my Obamacare position -- most specifically my argument against delay --  are laid out at

I encourage you to watch Obama's 15 minute address given at yesterday's press conference. It's really quite good.  

Finally, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders's summary of the Obamacare debate is excellent ---a durable manifestation of the man's goodness and insight.  Keep in mind that Sanders has never been a fan of Obamacare, much preferring single payer.

The State of Vermont is committed to creating the nation's first single payer system.

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PS Concerning your reference to "decent healthcare before 2009"...  It is true that those Americans who happened to be insured had decent healthcare. But it is also true that 40 to 45 million citizens have had no medical insurance at all. According to Harvard's School of Public Health, 45,000 Americans die annually because they lack health coverage.  Here in North Carolina, life-long Republican, Dean William Roper, of UNC Medical School has supported Obamacare from the beginning. Why?  Roper realized that the internal dynamics of American healthcare were hurtling toward breakdown and that comprehensive change was needed to stave off the inevitability.

On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 12:53 PM, Fred Owens <> wrote:

We had decent health care before 2009 -- there is no need to make dramatic changes  -- we can wait and modify these things. We can make incremental improvements.
I suggest appeasement. I won't fight for Obamacare.
Or "This is the White Man's Last Stand, and he doesn't seem to be giving up to easily."


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