Friday, September 27, 2013

Guido Barilla's Dismissal Of Gays. Follow-up Comment

Owner Guido Barilla says, "Gays can go buy pasta somewhere else."


"Ask Costco To Cancel Its Barilla Pasta Contract"


At Costco today, I spoke with assistant manager Joe M. about Guido Barilla's recent statement on the inferiority of gays. 

Joe winced when I explained the gist of the "suggestion" I made: "A couple days ago, Guido Barilla, the owner of Barilla Pasta Products told gays they could "go somewhere else to buy pasta." I encourage Costco to stop stocking all Barilla products."

If you would like to make "suggestions" of your own, it is helpful to know that Costco's "Suggestion Box" (at least in Durham, North Carolina) is located on the right-hand side of the exit runway, about 25 feet before the door itself.

I was told that these suggestions are reviewed daily and that their contents are relayed to Costco management.

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