Sunday, December 30, 2012

"The Pope's Elephant"

The Pope's Elephants

I have been reading "The Pope's Elephant."

Benedict could use one.

The whole Vatican would benefit from regular doses of hilarity -- and not as an aside, but as a central mission of Good Religion.

Mardi Gras, for example, is a splendid Christian invention.

And Halloween.

But we've become too stuffy to claim them.

Priests themselves might make worthy contribution by admitting their robes comprise ritual tranvestism - a fit outcome for celibate men. I say this admiringly. No bitterness.

I don my Franciscan robes at least once a year. Thanks be to God!

There is an Islamic saying: "He who makes us laugh is destined for heaven."

I value the martyrs.

I value the virgins.

I value the Doctors of The Church.

But it is time for new categories and new metaphors.

New skins.

St. Stephen of Colbert, Comedian.

St. Mildred of Noll, Mom.

Virtue is essentially prudential.

Balance must subsume the whole spectrum of Existence.

All things in moderation, including excess.

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