Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oliver Stone's American History: FDR's Vice-President, Henry Wallace

Dear Chuck,

I was talking with brother-in-law Rob last night, and when conversation turned Oliver Stone's take on Henry Wallace, I realized it was time to determine possible ways to bring us all together. Que piensas?

My web meanderings have resulted in the following "Wallace Bibliography."

1.) Note Wikipedia's divergence from Stone's account of the '48 DNC.

2.) By way of contrast, here is The Nation's review of Stone's "Untold History" -

3.) And here we have a reactionary Wall Street view, which, despite evident stylistic shortcomings and ideological bias, marshals some interesting source material.

4.) Finally, you may be interested in the introduction to Google's online book, "The Last Campaign: How Harry Truman Won The 1948 Election" -

The caption reads: "Henry Wallace: A Liberal - or a Lollipop?"
(Date: August 9, 1948)

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