Friday, December 21, 2012

Historians Will Record NRA Leaders Among World's Barbarians

Code Pink Stages Effective Protest At NRA Press Conference
(Go Pacifica and DV!)

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I wonder what percentage of Americans will get guns (or ammo) this Christmas... brightly wrapped and lying aside el NiƱo Dios in his lowly manger.

I'm reminded of yesterday's conversation about the need for research that tests "the obvious." 

What could be more "obvious" (to a rapidly dwindling majority of Americans) than the mistaken belief that "the best way to prevent gun violence is to arm every citizen to the teeth?" 

I recommend the "hijacking cartoon" at It portrays armed airline passengers keeping knife-wielding terrorists at bay.  

Also, I just updated my "Gun Violence Bibliography" - a useful and readable resource.

Or, perhaps you'd prefer "Soaring Sales of Armored Backpacks as Student Shields."  


The United States is a nation whose second largest political party permitted real guns at its recent presidential convention... but prohibited toy guns.

In any event, I am greatly relieved that "it all ends today."

Pax on both houses


PS “Show Us Your Guns” is an overlooked comedy classic from Saturday Night Live’s Season 1, Episode 1 of hosted by George Carlin -  Safe download?

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I love "woman up and disarm."

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