Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan's Stammering Interview With Fox News' Brit Hume

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I think the following Ryan-Hume interview can be used as a preparation template for Biden's vice-presidential debate.

Sure, Ryan's replies babble-and-elude partly because he doesn't yet know what "limits" to place on himself.

Even so, I think Ryan realizes (albeit unconsciously) that his budget does not -- and can not -- play out in the real world.

Tomorrow I will send you a copy of an email I've been composing for Arthur Clark concerning Ryan's acceptance speech and how his budget does nothing to balance the budget but actually adds to it -- and hugely. 

At the same time Ryan's budget swells the deficit, he promises political policies whose only certain outcome is the reduction America's "full faith and credit" to junk bond status.

Here is the "short form" of  Ryan interviewed by Hume. 



PS Why Paul Ryan's Medicare allegations don't pan out either.

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