Monday, April 10, 2017

What Guns Were Like When The 2nd Amendment Was Written... And Today

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Alan: Constitutional "originalists" who do not see that 18th century guns -- and 21st century guns -- are two qualitatively different weapons are either insane or lying to themselves.

The laws of physics prove that incremental quantitative change eventually results in qualitative change just as raising ambient temperature from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 213 degrees Fahrenheit brings about three qualitative changes in the "state" of water - transforming it from solid to liquid to gas. 

Ironically, American law already recognizes this qualitative change arising from quantitative change. 

It is, specifically, this quantitative>qualitative shift that prevents American citizens from owning nuclear weapons or "heavy artillery."

It is clear -- intuitively clear -- that nuclear weapons and heavy artillery are firearms.

But because their destructive capability is so devastating, private ownership is forbidden.

What Guns Were Like When 2nd Amendment Was Written

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